Please refer to “Privacy Policy” in Japanese for formal Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

Shioya Tochi recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of personal identifiable information, observes “Act of the Protection of Personal Information”, and resolves to handle the individual information with the greatest care. Moreover, we will keep your identifiable information secure.

  1. Acquisition and use of individual information
    Shioya Tochi acquires personal information legally, and we will notify the purpose of using the acquired personal information except when disclosure is required by laws or regulations.
  2. Purpose of using personal information
    Shioya Tochi might use acquired personal information to improve our business services.
    Moreover, we might disclose the personal information to our related companies or companies which concludes the non-disclosure contract for accomplishing objectives.
  3. Disclosure to third parties
    Shioya Tochi will not disclose or provide personal information to any third parties except when we have obtained consent from the customer, and when disclosure is required by law or regulation.
  4. Protection of personal information
    Shioya Tochi provides the corporate privacy policy professional, and tries to prevent a leaking, loss, falsifying, and an illegal invasion of personal information. Necessary corrective action is taken.
  5. Disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information
    To request disclosure, correction, or deletion of customer’s personal information, please contact us from below contacting information.
  6. Contact for inquiry about personal information
    Please contact for inquiry about customer's personal information:
    Shioya Tochi Co., Ltd
    From 9:00-17:00, Monday – Friday(excluding national and company holidays)