Dear Staff,
It is with much sadness that Lewis, Emily and I must leave Shioya and return
to North Carolina; however, before we leave we with to express our
wholehearted gratitude for the wonderful services and kind treatment we have
received from all the employees of both Shioya Tochi and the Shioya Country
Firstly we so much appreciate all the special care and hard work from not only
the staff, but also from the gardeners and maintenance men. Whenever we
needed anything done – from adding special touches to our home to bringing
cut wood for our fireplace to trimming our yard for our special social
occasions – it was always done with smiles and efficiency.
Even though there are other attractive western-style areas to live in Kobe,
Shioya is still our favorite because of not only the large private yards and
houses and breath-taking view, but also because included in the rent is the
country club and efficient maintenance workers.
I can say without hesitation that should we return to Kobe to live, Shioya
Tochi will be the first to know as in our hearts. Shioya will always be our
"home away from home".
with kind regards,
Lewis and Janice McKenzie

Shioya Tochi is truly the best Real Estate company we have had the opportunity to work wit
during the eight years we have lived overseas. Shioya Tochi is extremely responsive to the
needs of each tenant, providing prompt and personalized attention.
[As Managing Director, I was responsible for providing relocation assistance to about twenty
families living in the Kobe area. More than half of my employees chose to reside in Shioya
Tochi homes.]
Unique homes in beautiful locations are what attract many families to consider Shioya Tochi
properties. The company’s reputation for a high standard of professional service after the lease
is signed is why many people make the decision to live in a Shioya Tochi home. Although
living in a foreign country can be difficult and frustrating at times, Shioya Tochi provides their
tenants with many resources needed to help make living in Japan a much more enjoyable
Best regards,
Jack and Laurie Nichols


We are fortunate to have wonderful memories of our two years in Japan, made all the more
exceptional by the experience of living in the Shioya community which is served by the ever
helpful and supportive staff of Shioya Tochi.

It was with sadness that our family left Shioya when our expatriate assignment came to an
end. Our memories are filled with recollections of how the Shioya Tochi staff went out of
their way to assist us with so many aspects of life throughout our stay. Their superb support
began from the outset and our very first meeting when looking for a home for our family,
their willingness to answer questions even prior to our arrival, and their continued assistance
throughout our stay with everyday matters. The staff never gave us the impression that any
of our requests were either too trivial or too onerous. They made sure that we always felt
secure in every aspect, which is immensely important to an expatriate from a vastly different
culture. Now, two years after leaving Japan, we still maintain friendships and connections
with Shioya Tochi staff.

We will always hold our memories of Japan close to heart, and much of our happiness can be
attributed to the fact that we were so happy living in the beautiful Shioya area. We can
comfortably recommend Shioya Tochi to any expatriate considering living in the Kobe vicinity.


Our three and a half year stay at Shioya has been the highlight of our family life so far.
Where can I begin? The location is superb. The spacious American-style homes and gardens
are situated in an exquisite park, on a hillside with stunning sea views. Shioya is beautiful in all seasons,
especially in cherry blossom time with tens of cherry trees forming a pink paradise in April.
The expert gardeners manicure our surroundings. Our house overlooked the Inland Sea of Japan.
The colours changed constantly in Osaka Bay and around the islands. Never a dull moment.
The Shioya Tochi staff are friendly, courteous and helpful to the extreme. I cannot praise them highly enough.
Life in Japan is made so much easier because of the 'Service Center', in the club house, where the usual questions,
bookings etc etc are professionally dealt with in a calm, reassuring way.
There is something for everyone: parties, the pool, B'B'Qs, a fully equipped gym, tennis (coaching and tournaments),
Japanese cultural activities eg calligraphy and flower arranging etc etc and much more. Locally, there is a good choice of stores and restaurants.
A superb Japanese thermal spa (onsen) is nearby, which is thoroughly relaxing, offering pools both indoors and outdoors.
The Japanese members of the club on site are mainly doctors and dentists and other professionals, who all speak English.
Their expertise and outgoing friendliness are enormously reassuring especially when one has brought one's family!
Shioya is conveniently close to the center of Kobe and offers a safe and fun environment for children.
Everyone is welcome and I thoroughly recommend the location, quality of housing and friendliness of the community and staff of Shioya.

Michael and Diana Pitt